Freequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is dance experience necessary?

Absolutely not! Just arrive with yourself, your yoga mat and be open minded and judgement free!

How do I know if this workshop is for me?

You never know until you try! Our workshops are developed to explore various elements of self-care. Where you may excel in one area, you may lack in another. We focus on physical, mental and spiritual aspects of self-care.

I'm not a survivor of domestic or sexual assault. Is this workshop still for me?

While our workshops were developed for survivors of domestic and sexual assault to be encouraged to begin their journey of healing, we assure you that disenfranchised individuals of every level are invited to attend. Our doors are open to everyone.

Do I have to participate in the photo series? I'd like to attend the workshop but I'm not sure about having my picture taken.

Absolutely not! Participation is optional only! Those interested will sign a participation waiver prior to beginning. We assure you no matter what, this is a safe space for us to heal and we'd never want to make anyone uncomfortable or violate their trust.