Freequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Wealthi?

Wealthi is the leading platform for investing in real estate in the top Australian markets. We provide research, analytics and insights to evaluate and purchase properties in high-growth areas with attractive rental income. From viewing the homes and their diligence documents to connecting with financing and property management services, Wealthi makes investing in real estate accessible, cost-effective and simple. Wealthi is backed by Pi Labs, Europe's leading venture capital investment platform.

What’s different about a Wealthi real estate transaction?

Wealthi pulls together market information from a variety of sources to deliver high-expertise, industry knowledge and connections to investors. We follow the high-growth markets and share our research with our clients for free. We prioritise understanding why you are investing and what you are trying to achieve, to advice on which strategy will fit you best. We have a big variety of properties on stock. It’s our job to advise which ones make the most sense for your property investment journey. We bring accessibility and efficiency of a typical real estate transaction by streamlining the entire transaction process. The attractive benefits of real estate investing, including monthly cash flow and appreciation potential, are available to a much wider audience and that audience can invest in properties over a much broader geographical area than previously possible. Here’s what sets Wealthi apart: * An end-to-end platform for researching, buying, and connecting with partners for financing and property management * No geographic barriers – access listings from high-performing markets nationwide * Extensive inventory from a range of sources with attractive investment potential * Powerful analytics like the pros use * Support from our team throughout the process

Does Wealthi own the properties they sell?

We are independent of the investments offered on our platform. Most of Wealthi’s listings are independently owned by a variety of developers. It is Wealthi’s role to connect buyers with sellers.

How does Wealthi make money?

Wealthi does not charge the purchaser. Just like a mortgage broker gets paid by the banks if a client gets a loan, at Wealthi we get paid by developers if a client buys an investment property. Our end-to-end service, advice and support is free. If a client decides to purchase an opportunity we bring to the table, then Wealthi gets paid by developers on average a 3% commission of the purchase price. Just like any seller will pay a commission to a real estate agent.

Is Wealthi a real estate broker?

Yes. We operated under the Real Estate Act (which differs across each state and territory). We are not licensed to give financial advice, but we do work with partners who are. Upon request, we will make an introduction to these partners.

What’s Wealthi’s track record?

Wealthi combines deep operational experience with cutting edge-technology, which uniquely positions the company to bring real estate investing to a broad audience. Here are some milestones: * Team members have transacted over $1 billion across the Australian Eastern seaboard. * Raised venture capital investment in London since our founding in early 2019

How is Wealthi different to a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent is paid a commission by the buyer, which is on top of the purchase price. In a typical transaction where there is a Buyer’s Agent and a Real Estate Agent (representing the seller) involved, there are two commissions being paid. Wealthi does not charge the purchaser and gets paid the commission by the developer. We are developer-agnostic, which means we’ll bring you the opportunities that best fit your unique criteria.

What areas and property types does Wealthi specialise in?

Wealthi specializes in the Australian Eastern Seaboard with a focus on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane high-growth areas. We partner with developers of different types of single family homes such as houses, townhouses and apartment units.

Who can invest?

Any Australian resident, over the age of 18. Foreign investors can invest in Australia, but the rules are always changing. If you are a foreign investor looking to invest in Australian real estate, make sure to connect with our team and we will give you the latest updates.

I am interested in investing. How do I get started?

We’re glad you asked. We have numerous resources, including: * Wealthi Podcast provides weekly content covering all matters relating to property investing - you will find everything from expert recommendations, investment information to market overviews. * Complete your WealthScore in less than 60 seconds. Whether you're starting out or an experienced investor, we help you optimize and automate your investing goals. * Wealthi Academy with, on-demand lectures, and support from a community of fellow investors. Wealthi Academy is a program to help you accelerate your journey with proven strategies and tools, whether you are new or scaling your portfolio. Finally, we’re here to help you so you can book a complimentary onboarding session with one of our team members by clicking here.