Melbourne has been named the world's most liveable city on multiple occasion due to its cosmopolitan lifestyle. 

While its population is smaller than Sydney, projects have Melbourne growing at a much faster pace. It is set to exceed Sydney's population by 2056. 

We work with leading real estate brands, developing some of Melbourne's most desireable brand new address.

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Melbourne has a diversified economy, and mostly serviced based. Unemployment is low at around 5%.

Melbourne's metro area is expanding and new roads, rail, schools and hospitals are driving growth. 

The Median Melbourne house prices is currently fluctuating at around the $800k mark with yields at around 4%.


Recent interest rate cuts have had a similar impact on Melbourne as they have in Sydney, albeit at a slightly smaller degree. 

Melbourne's home prices fell less than Sydney when the market slowed, so we expect the upward swing next year to also be more moderate. 

Predictive Analysis: Improving Market

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