#18 Property buying secrets with Chris Gray (Your Empire)

Chris Gray from Your Empire recently joined us for a wide ranging discussion on property investing. We asked Chris about his investment strategy and client journey. Chris is a regular on mainstream TV networks and social media outlets.  

Together Domenic and Chris discuss the strategies to ensure that smart investments are undertaken by the buyer so that they can maximise on their property and financial growth. However, the also talk about the issues associated with blue chip properties as they are often negatively geared and it is difficult for the average Aussie to enter the market due to the higher purchasing price. Nevertheless, Chris shares a more affordable strategy for buyers so that they can still enter the area that they desire.

Some of the interview questions are:

What is blue chip property and why is it a good investment strategy?

Should you pay off or increase your debt?

Why is renting your home be better than buying your home?

Houses Vs Units

What’s the best way to approach buying property?

What/where are your favourite deals for around 600k and over 1m?

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