#19 The untold truth about low interest with Evan Lucas (InvestSMART)

Evan Lucas from InvestSmart phones in with Domenic Nesci to discuss all things interest rates. They delve into an in-depth look of the cash rate to determine the current impact that it is having on the economy and future movements of the rate. Evan shares his insight that he thinks rates will stay low and will not rise back to 7% anytime soon. He believes that the RBA will maintain this as Australia's underemployment rates are still a major issue for the growth of economy. 

Evan Lucas has been researching and investing in global markets for over a decade and mentions the trends in US markets as a case study and point of comparison to Australian markets. 

The interview questions are:

What is investsmart and why are people working with you?

Tell us about your property planning tool and what are the minimum requirements to get involved?

If you own property should you also be buying managed funds/shares exposed to more property? Why/Why not?

When’s the next rate cut and do you think it will be effective?

What's your 2020 outlook and what are you seeing that leads you make these predictions?

What opportunities do you see in the next 12 months?

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