#21 How to avoid being scammed by pretty pictures with Adam Sparkes

Adam Sparkes is a licensed agent that has over 20 years experience in projects and new developments. He has an intrinsic knowledge and understanding as well as a variety of experiences as he has worked for a number of major development groups overseeing project sales across the nation and New Zealand.

Adam Sparkes from McGrath joins Domenic Nesci from Wealthi to examine all things brand new property including who it is best suited for and what buyers should do to make more informed choices. 

In recent times there has been a negative stigma associated with brand new property as a result of uncertainty but the discussion makes it clear that this is no longer the case and provides strategies on how to prevent uncertainty. 

The interview questions are as follows:

In your 20 year experience working for Crown, Lendlease, Multiplex, Frasers and now Mcgrath do you think new property makes for a good investment? Why?

Who should buy brand new property and why?

Once a buyer is happy with the area how do they look past the pretty pictures and choose the right development?

What questions should buyers ask before buying?

What are you looking for when picking the right property?

What are the biggest mistakes people make buying a brand new property?

What’s the best way to approach buying a brand new property?

Tell me about some of your best buys your seeing at the moment

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