#25 How to approach property in 2020 with Tom Panos

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Tom Panos joins Domenic Nesci from Wealthi to discuss agents and the best ways to approach and deal with them. Tom provides his hints and tips when working with agents to ensure that buyers are experiencing high performing markets with lower yields. 

Tom Panos is considered as one of Australia's top real estate coach and trainer. He has a Masters degree in Management and Coaching Psychology and has been immersed in the industry for over 30 years. Tom's training sessions teach agents how to attract business and not just to chase it.

In today's podcast, Tom shares his strategies that enabled him to grow his wealth in property including the 'walk away' whereby individuals are able to easier determine where they stand. However, there are some limitations to this strategy. Tom also shares a purchasing strategy for buyers to ensure that they are investing in desirable areas. 

Some of the interview questions are:

How do you spot a good agent or bad agent and how does this affect you as the buyer; the advantages and disadvantages in the deal?

What are some of the agent traps to avoid when buying property?

How to spot and qualify a great property manager?

What are the best and worst things you've personally done when buying property?

What are the dumbest things you see buyers do in real estate?

Where would you buy today with 500K, 1M and 2M?

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