#26 The hidden truth behind transport infrastructure with James McIntosh (Luti Consulting)

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

James McIntosh from Luti Consulting sits down with Domenic Nesci from Wealthi to discuss all things transport. James is a qualified Land Use Planner, Transport Planner and Registered Cadastral Surveyor, and has a PhD at Curtin University - Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute in developing a “Comprehensive assessment framework for valuing transport infrastructure projects.” Doing this for over 20 years as a self-employed consulting in fields such as: strategic infrastructure policy, transport planning, land use planning and land development consulting.

James and Domenic delve into an in-depth conversation to determine the government's justification when creating new transport infrastructure and why they do it. They discuss the implications that these various transport infrastructure projects have on the surrounding areas including zoning, commercial activity and population increases.

Some of the talking points include:

How does the government justify creating now transport infrastructure and why do they do it?

How do different transport infrastructure projects affect the surrounding areas in reference to zoning, commercial activity and population increase.

Land use and zone changes:

- Is there a typical path land zoning take? - R2, R3, IND1, R2 etc

- How and why?

- What makes some types of land more likely to get rezoned?

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