#29 Predicting the next property boom with economist Harley Dale (HIA)

This week HIA's executive director Harley Dale phones into the Wealthi office to chat with Domenic Nesci. Simply, HIA is a private sector, not for profit organisation that represents anybody with anything to do with housing including builders, developers etc. 

Harley Dale has over 25 years’ experience as an economist. Harley is one of only a select group of economists in Australia to have worked across four out of the five core economics areas – academia, consultancy, financial markets and industry. He has held a wide variety of roles, primarily in Australia but also in New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. He joined the Housing Industry Association as the organisation’s Senior Economist in September 2003 and is now the Executive Director – Skills and Workforce Development.

Throughout the podcast, they discuss Australia's building standards in comparison to other international markets and Harley shares his perspective on any improvements that can be made in the industry. Harley shares his insight on the annual population statement and how this statement can be used as a method to instruct people. He explains what it is including the concerns that are associated with population growth and how this has fostered discussion and controversy in Australia as a result of the ageing population.

Some of the interview questions are:

How good are the building standards and quality in Australia in comparison with the rest of the world?

Where can Harley see the industry making the most improvements?

What is the proposed annual population statement by government, why is it important and how can investors use it?

Where can investors learn about population, and housing demand currently?

What are the current building approvals and how does this compare with those in the past?

How can buyers make themselves aware of the incoming supply?

Listen to the podcast at bit.ly/wealthipodcast