#27 Will there be another Global Financial Crisis (Theo Chambers from Shore Financial)

Updated: Feb 17

Theo Chambers from Shore Financial sits down with Domenic Nesci to discuss last year's property market and what can be expected for 2020. Theo provides insight for the upcoming months and the potential for future rate cuts.

With an entrepreneurial background, Theo Chambers found a love for mortgage broking. With the help of significant mentors, he learned 'all the things you can't learn in a book'. Over many years of working with clients, he saw an opportunity for a firm that worked in partnership with both real estate agents and buyers.

In today's podcast, Theo recaps the recovery from last year as well as a forecast for this year's property market. They visit the topic of interest rates and speculate about what they believe the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is going to do and how this will impact interest rates and the average Australian. Theo also recognises the shortage in the Sydney property market yet the demand for these properties is continuing to increase.

Some of the interview questions include:

What have you heard about the potential rate cuts for 2020?

In the upcoming months with the talk of possible rate declines, what can we expect?

Do you anticipate much change in the banking environment for the average buyers or investors?

Are there any opportunities or areas in the market that stand out to you?

Do you think we will be seeing higher percent loans?

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