#31 Building an international property portfolio with David Leon

This week David Leon joins Domenic Nesci from Wealthi to discuss the New Zealand property market and its comparison to Australia. David also shares his journey that led him to property investing by originally purchasing with credit cards.

David has created himself a diverse international background; being born in Spain and going on to graduate college in the United States (Maryland University). After graduation, he started working in the United Kingdom, where he learned from leading financial educators and met his wife. Through learning and countless readings, David educated himself in property investing and built an international portfolio stretching across three different countries. He now resides in New Zealand where he launched his own business, Wealth Mentor, to help others with their property investment journey.

In today's podcast, David shares his credit card strategy that led to his early success in the property market as well as the factors that make the New Zealand property market so attractive. The two also dive deeper into the meaning behind wealth and owning your own time.

Some of the interview questions are:

How did your story begin?

What are the factors, guiding principles, etc. that lead you to select certain properties?

Why is it hard for people to purchase distant properties, for example overseas?

With the good run the country's property market has had, is it too late to invest in New Zealand?

How much money do you actually need to get started on property investing?

What does it mean to be wealthy to you?

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