#33 What it really means to be wealthy with Christina Guidotti

This week Christina Guidotti sits down with Domenic Nesci to discuss the meaning and value of wealth. Christina shares her story as well as her advice for those looking to take control of their own life.

Christina is one of Australia's leading experts on success, belief, conviction, and commitment. For over 25 years she has created her own success through business leadership roles and even started her own business. Christina is the founder of Leading Women - a series of transformational programs and events energising women from all walks of life to achieve sustainable success and empowerment.

In this week's podcast, Dom and Christina dive deeper into life, happiness, and creating wealth. Usually, people associate wealth/being wealthy with having money. While this is true, it's only part of a bigger picture. Both believe that to achieve a state of being wealthy you need to be able to own your own time; when your passive income exceeds expenses. This allows you to chase your dreams and live a fulfilling life.

Some of the interview questions include:

What is your story?

Do you believe in work-life balance and what does this mean to you?

What do you think it takes to have it all?

Do you believe in work-life balance and what does this mean to you?

What is your top piece of advice for someone who wants to be wealthy?

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