#32 Investing in Sydney

Domenic from Wealthi sits down to discuss the upward trend in the property market and provides insight on why to invest in Sydney. Dom also welcomes the newest member of the Wealthi Team, Tiffy Rubinat.

Prior to joining the team, Tiffy had extensive experience in marketing/sales from working with the transnational consumer goods company, Unilever. Now she has shifted careers completely, finding her true passion through helping others achieve a life of fulfillment. Tiffy sparked an interest in the property investment world and has already purchased properties of her own.

In this week's segment of Wealthi Wednesday, Domenic takes some time to examine the property market recovery over the last 6 months. Currently, the market is trending towards being potentially the fastest recovery on record, making this the time to invest as the market continues to rise.

Dom also speaks about interstate investments and the investment groups looking to take their clients elsewhere due to affordability. Though there is a reason for this, Domenic explains why investors should be focusing on the Sydney area. With unprecedented levels of investments in infrastructure around Sydney, the local property market is filled with opportunities.

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