#39 Growing financial wealth with Nigel Cumberland

Nigel Cumberland connects with Domenic and Tiffy from Wealthi to share tips he believes can benefit anyone looking to accumulate financial wealth. Nigel also explains how surrounding yourself with like-minded and supportive individuals correlates to your own success.

Nigel is best known as an award-winning leadership coach and author of multiple self-development books. He is also the founder of The Silk Road Partnership, globally known for connecting knowledge, networks, etc. between clients. While speaking with Wealthi, Nigel expands further on his trilogy of books, 100 Things (Successful People, Millionaires, and Successful Leaders) Do.

In Nigel's phone interview, Domenic and Tiffy analyze how people can use these tips and tricks in their everyday lives. Nigel also explains what he believes to be the biggest flaw in an individual's journey to success - failing to have a plan. People need to learn how to take action after the development of an idea.

Some of the interview questions include:

- How do you suggest people use the knowledge within these books?

- What things should you avoid if you want to be a millionare?

- What were the key takeaways after completing 100 things millionaires do?

- What methods do you use to put yourself in a position to be lucky?

- How would you define someone as being financially wealthy?

- Can you tell us about your upcoming book?

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