#7 How to avoid bad construction with Ranin Mendis (Loandolphin)

Loandolphin CEO Ranin Mendis recently spoke to Domenic Nesci about the Australian property market. The discussion was filmed at Wealthi Sydney studio.

They discuss the desirable investment areas and why these suburbs are so favourable compared to other locations and what buyers in the market should be looking for. They also discuss how to choose industry professionals to avoid bad construction and the way to determine who to choose to talk to.

What are you seeing in the market right now?

Why is the clearance rate important?

Is the market a sellers market or a buyers market?

What should I be looking for if I was a buyer in the market right now?

Where do you stand with questionable builders and how do you avoid them?

Do you think the way the Opal towers was created was a testament to that (buying based on reputation)?

Apartment vs attached dwelling, your preference and why?

Where do you see the professionals in the property consultant industry?

If you're choosing a professional, what are the things that you should look for when choosing who to talk to?

If you were investing today, what areas would you look for and why?

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