Matraville offers easy access to Port Botany Container Terminal, Sydney Airport, the Eastern Suburbs and the CBD of Sydney. According to Knight Frank, more than 50% of tenants signing new leases in 2020 have been from retail & logistic occupiers requiring more space or to upgrade.

The industrial sector is powering through the restrictions, with vacancies remaining tight, and minimal
disruptions to rent in the first half of 2020.

Sydney recorded the tightest vacancy at 1.8%. This compares to 9.2% for the office sector and mixed reports
for retail.

Online retail sales reached $2.77 billion in June, an increase of 65% on February as the pandemic shifts buying habits & more businesses expand their ecommerce platform.

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Our key measures explained by Dr Andrew Wilson

Chief Economist at Wealthi.

Annual Growth

Annual growth is a measure of the price growth in median prices for the asset type we are recommending. For example, if we're recommending a house investment, we will use median house price growth adjusted for any anomolies in the data. 

Average Yield

Yield represents the total median rental income divided by the median asset price over the period. Our preference is to work with data across a large sample, to reduce any issues with one-off transactions which could skew the data. 

Population Growth

Population growth is a great long term source for measuring long term demand. This isn't an instant measure, there are often lags with government population growth measurements. So we're really looking at the long term here and trying to find areas where population growth is greater then recent price growth.

House/Apartment Ratio

We look for apartments in areas where the price gap with houses is large. This is a long term strategy where we believe, apartments will rise in value and close the gap relative to houses. Areas where the house price to apartment ratio exceeds 150% are generally attractive for apartment investors. 


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