Income Maximiser


Boosting income through tax-wise property selection...

Your Experience

This strategy is suitable for investors with experience in the purchasing and selling of property. You've probably already purchased your own home, might have an investment property or two in your portfolio and now looking to expand your net equity through capital growth.

Your Goals, Aspirations & Concerns

Our focus here is on growing your property income. We're not only looking for high yields but sustainable yields. We want to make sure we get high income without sacrificing on quality, so we will steer away from higher-risk markets which can become long term traps. Tax strategy is important and we will utilize depreciation benefits.





Your Budget & Cashflow

While we're focused on income growth, it's important to ensure you have the right growth profile so our equity is also growing through the property cycle. It's also important to balance short term finance serviceability requirements to ensure a successful settlement period.

Areas of Interest

We prefer neighborhood pockets with close proximity to large metropolitan cities. Infrastructure and public transport are essential to ensure population demand results in our cashflow growing over time. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne all provide opportunities.

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