WealthScore Results



Your WealthScore

We estimate you are earning less than a quarter of your expenses in passive income. You’re in a vulnerable position and probably can't afford to leave your current employment without tapping into your savings. You may have no assets or ones that are underperforming.

Your Investment Plan

The strategy here is to build a solid foundation. You need assets with some passive income but the main priority is to create good equity and income growth.


Though slow at first, this foundation will give you exponential returns and a solid basis to invest in more sophisticated and risky strategies down the track.

Future Returns & Risks

At this stage, we’re looking to limit your risk while maximizing your returns. Entry costs are relatively low, with access to higher leverage.


We target entry costs starting at $30k, annual yields averaging +4%, annual capital growth of 6-10% over the long-term and vacancy rates in the order of 1-3%. 

  • Residential properties up to $750k

  • Target rental yield above 4%

  • Target annual capital growth of 6-10% 

  • Vacancy rates of 1-3%

  • 67 properties current available

Our Recommendation

Residential property is your best option here. Compared to other real estate assets, it has the lowest cost to enter, gives you the highest leverage and asset growth which later equates to higher rent and equity.


There are different types of residential property that will serve you best depending on your current cash/equity position and property experience.

If you're new and or limited time or cash, an off the plan purchase might suit best. As you grow, we'll start to introduce new strategies with higher growth. The more advanced you are with more cash will give you access to small scale developments and dual-income assets.