WealthScore Results



Your WealthScore

We estimate that more than three-quarters of your expenses are covered by your passive income. You have a good portfolio may but still want to supplement that last part of your income or want to increase your standard of living and create additional wealth.


You can not leave your employment without reducing your lifestyle and there may still be passions in life that you need to fund with additional equity. You have assets providing you strong passive income and growth, but there are further opportunities for you to solidify any potential income risks and create leaps in wealth.

  • Industrial properties up to $2m

  • Target rental yield above 8%

  • Target annual capital growth above 3% 

  • Vacancy rates of 10-25%

  • 4 properties current available

Your Investment Plan

The strategy here is to round out your portfolio; diversify and grow your income streams whilst potentially taking calculated risks to significantly increase your available equity.


You need assets that will give you good consistent income to manage the occupancy risks and other investments that limit your exposure whilst producing supernormal returns.

You’re at the stage where you can decide to slow things down and graduate to being Wealthi or ramp it all up and keep on investing to achieve some of your wildest dreams.

Our Recommendation

You will be using either equity or cash to buy more commercial and industrial property in strategic locations nationally or internationally. Since you have accumulated a portfolio of assets giving you good underlying income plus growth you can afford to take on more risk and move into properties with higher costs to enter but also larger income and equity returns.


With more cash at your disposal, you can solidify what you have or choose to push your investing to the next level. At this stage, you can get access to more sophisticated investments such as property funds and large property developments.

Future Returns & Risks

At this stage, we’re looking to either slow down and solidify the portfolio or push it harder into more advanced/riskier investment. You will need a minimum of $200k and will need to talk to your portfolio manager about the associated returns.